Eco Hosting Terms & Conditions

Permitted usages of the Services and Hosted Materials

To using our server, The Client shall observe all Laws, rules, codes and regulations applicable in the Delivery Locations regarding the usage of Services and the types of Hosted Materials.

1) By storing on the Equipment or transmitting, with the use of the Service, the following types of Hosted Materials, the Client shall explicitly assume the responsibility that any commercial or legal consequence is incurred directly towards third parties, exonerating Visual Idea Network from any liability.

a) Websites with multimedia content generated by Internet users (e.g.: Youtube etc)

b) Radio and video broadcast through the Internet

c) Online game servers

d) Adult content

2) The use of the Services and Equipment for the following types of actions shall be strictly forbidden:

a) „Phishing”. Request of any type of information and by any means from the Internet users without the Client being the authorized person to request this information.

b) „Information attacks”. Initiation by any means and of any type of Service use with a view to degrading the performances, obtaining access to other equipment, websites or disseminating Hosted Materials to generate Information Attacks.

c) „Bulk Email”. Sending e-mails to more than 1,000 addresses per Service Package per day. The Client can request in writing the permission to send a higher volume.

d) „Torrent”. The installation of servers or applications to transfer peer-to-peer files shall be banned.

e) Storage or transmission of child pornography

f) Storage or repeated transmission of material that is in breach of copyright or trademark

g) Software or other media piracy

h) Any activity deemed illegal in any of the territories in which the Service is delivered

i) Any actions that cause services to other Eco Hosting Clients to be disrupted

3)In the event that Eco Hosting notes that the Services and/or Hosted Materials are used for the purposes defined in article 2) all the Client’s Services shall be immediately suspended by the Client’s fault without any prior notice. To prove the breach of this article before third parties, Eco Hosting may save a copy of the Hosted Materials.

4)In the event that a third party, including state authorities, notify Eco Hosting about an assumed breach of the legislation or of the interests of that party, the Client shall explicitly agree for Eco Hosting to provide the respective third party with the contact data offered by the Client upon the opening of the Account without the latter’s prior approval.

5) In the event that Eco Hosting commercial or legal interests are breached by the Client’s use of the Services, Eco Hosting shall reserve the right to ask the Client to cease the respective usage, within a reasonable period of time and no more than 10 days from the notification sent by e-mail at the address indicated in the Account. Otherwise, Eco Hosting shall have the right to suspend and cancel the Services to the respective Client.


6) Unlimited Bandwidth: while we offer “Unlimited Bandwidth” that doesn’t mean clients able to host downloadable content like torrent, file sharing or any high usage volume outgoing bandwidth. If the server using 500 GB bandwidth per day, Eco Hosting will charge the client $15 per TB/day.