Terms of Usage Server

Server Cloudlinux Usage Term & Conditions (revised)

Dear User,

To improve server performance, this is the Term & Conditions of setting for Cloudlinux Usage.

If the user failed to config to meet the requirements, the system will auto change limit of the usage.

The Cloudlinux Usage minimum requirement of each every account:

CPU(Speed): Shall NOT exceed 200%.

VRAM: Shall NOT exceed 2GB

PRAM: Shall NOT exceed 2GB

IO: Shall NOT exceed 10MB

IOPS: recommend value 2048kb

EP: Default Value 20, Shall NOT exceed 100

NPROC: Default Value 100, Shall NOT exceed 200

System have the right to change the value if the user does not meet the requirement.

*If you require high resources running project, this setting only temporary
Term of Usage Server

1) DO NOT host any media included mp3, video, personal image, backup or any kind of importance file in the server.

2) DO NOT host child pornography, warez content or crypto-mining in the server.

3) DO NOT host illegal downloadable software/program, script that contain any kind of malware in the server.

4) DO NOT host illegal movies, downloadable media in the server.
*Exception: If you are running similar of Netflix, Youtube company, kindly provide us license and documentation for verification.

5) DO NOT use server to perform SPAM, phishing, sites promoting illegal activities, IP Scanners, Brute Force Programs, Mail Bombers and DDoS to other.

6) Cloudlinux has it own limitation. Try DO NOT exceed the limitation.

7) UNLIMITED STORAGE doesn’t mean you can host large file size in the server.

8) Bandwidth: Since the server bandwidth is UNLIMITED that DOES NOT mean user can abuse for the rescources. If the account bandwidth is exceed 10GB per day or 50GB per month, we will investigate the account. The user/reseller require to send us the report and reason to us: [email protected] If the user/reseller failed to send the report, we shall terminate the account immediately.

Suspend & Termination

All suspend account (Not included account suspend by sysadmin) will retain 1 month, after 1 month system will be terminate/delete the account.
Account suspend by Sysadmin: 7 days termination
Account try to harm, phishing, malware, malicious etc: Suspend immediately, Termination 24 hours.

*Note: The sysadmin have the right to modify and terminate the account that failed to meet the term and conditions.

*All terminated account are not restore and non refundable.

We strive to keep our networks operating at the highest possible level, so all of our clients benefit from it. Therefore the following actions are prohibited:

Operating applications that are used to

mine crypto currencies • The scanning of foreign networks or

foreign IP addresses

• The use of fake source IPs.